Art Supplies

We offer a wide variety of art supplies including (but not limited to): oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolours, professional quality papers, canvases, sketchbooks, paint mediums, paint brushes, drawing materials and more. We sell local products as well as top-quality brand names. Some of our suppliers are listed below.

Custom Framing

With our custom framing services, the Newmarket School of Fine Art can help you beautifully display and preserve your artwork and memorabilia.

Our professional framers are artists who continually upgrade their skills, staying on top of the latest techniques and innovations to provide you with exceptional advice on everything from colour selection to conservation standards.

From the most intricate framing presentations for cherished memorabilia like medals, christening gowns and hockey jersey’s, to simple and inexpensive designs to complement a print or poster, our framers will help you make the best choices to fit your needs.

And, with over 2,000 moulding samples to choose from, we are your complete custom framing centre for all your needs.

Giclee Fine Art Printing

Giclee Fine Art Printing is a new business located within the Newmarket School of Fine Art that is dedicated to providing top quality full colour large format printing in giclee format as well as watercolour and other fine papers. Inkprint design house also offers a full in house photocopy centre. For further details call the studio at 905-836-1231.


Top Image: 

An enlarged reproduction of the smaller image. Printed on canvas and stretched onto a custom stretcher built in our shop.

Bottom Image:

The original painting.


Custom Canvases

We take pride in building our own stretchers and stretching our canvases in house. We sell standard-sized canvases, both regular and gallery depth, in store. If you are looking to have an irregular-sized or custom canvas built, please give us a call at (905)-838-1231  to put in your order.

Handmade Easels

We are proud to sell  great quality, local products at reasonable prices. The stand-up wooden easels that we sell are handmade in our workshop.

Drymount & Laminating Services


We can permanently bond your finished print to a wide selection of durable hard surfaces to ensure additional stability or stand alone presentation. This can be provided with or without a laminate film applied to the print surface.
Contact us for pricing information.


Our film laminating process will provide additional protection to the finished surface of your print. Our laminate film is standard thickness and can be applied to show a gloss, semi gloss or matte finish.
Contact us for pricing information.

Take advantage of the warm weather and paint outside on one of our lighweight, primed and ready -to-use Plen Air boards. These high-quality, Canadian-made boards are great for painting scenery in the backyard, at the lake, or anywhere your summer takes you! 

plen air
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