Giclee printing was originally applied to fine art prints created on a 4 colour IRIS printer. This process was used in the late 1980’s for prepress printing and subsequently adopted by artists for reproduction of their work.

This method of reproduction of fine art has come to mean high quality ink jet prints used by artists and print shops in the production of high quality archival prints.

The evolution of archival ink technology and improvements in the delivery of ink to the printing surface mean that a Giclee print can be produced using modern sophisticated equipment deploying up to 12 colours at cost effective prices.

Why a Giclee?

Giclee prints are of interest to artists who wish to make additional high quality copies of their work without the traditional prohibitive costs of limited edition set up. Now, whether you want to make one or 100 copies of your work, your costs are manageable to meet the needs of your market.

Once your digital file has been captured and you are happy with the proof, additional on demand copies can be produced at a reasonable cost.

Your digital file can be reproduced at a variety of sizes on a wide range of substrates, from canvas to photographic paper to other fine art smooth and rough surface materials. This flexibility of printing options creates a wide open field to be further creative with your work and enables you to easily respond to the tastes of your clients.

We employ custom profiles, precise colour correction, and pigment printing on acid free papers and canvases rendering subtle gradations of colour and value that is beyond the range of other technologies.

Our Canon IPF 8300 printer has 12 coloured pigments that are formulated for a wide colour gamut, improved scratch resistance and expressive dark tones.

Pigments are deployed through two high density heads, each with 2,560 nozzles per colour for a total of 30,720 nozzles.

The printer will accept paper or canvas up to 44” in width. The length of the print that can be produced is limited only by the size of the roll of paper. Paper is generally available in rolls of up to 50 feet in length.


All of our stretchers are kiln dried and available in pine or birch.

Canvas stretching of your Giclee print is available on ¾” standard for framing or 1-1/2” Gallery Mount stretchers.
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We apply a non-yellowing clear coat to provide additional protection from the environment and from scratching. The coating has a sheen that further enhances the colours.


We can permanently bond your finished print to a wide selection of durable hard surfaces to ensure additional stability or stand alone presentation. This can be provided with or without a laminate film applied to the print surface.
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Our film laminating process will provide additional protection to the finished surface of your print. Our laminate film is standard thickness and can be applied to show a gloss, semi gloss or matte finish.
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We will scan or photograph your original work in preparation for large format printing.
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We can provide you with  professional  custom framing for your print at competitive pricing. We have a wide selection of frame profiles in wood, plastic and metal to meet your framing needs.
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In addition to fine art reproductions we can also provide you with storefront banners and graphics for your business.
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Let us provide you with your in-house banners showcasing your products and services in a prominent and tasteful manner.
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Got a drawer full of old photos and a special event coming up? Send us your images and we can craft a montage to make that occasion memorable.
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